About Us


Vallabh Vidyanagar, established fifty-five years ago, carries a rarity of purpose behind its origin and a variety of education with its development and growth. Strategically located between Ahmedabad and Vadodara, Vallabh Vidyanagar today has emerged to be an Active Educational Hub in the Western parts of India. Just six kilometers from India's milk city--Anand, it has made its distinct identity in the sector of education by offering numerous emerging and innovative educational programs and by attracting students from across the globe. Anand is situated between Ahmedabad and Vadodara on the main rail-link and also NH8, about 75 kms from Ahmedabad and 40 km from Vadodara.

Vallabh Vidyanagar is blessed with the beauty of nature. Its lush green trees of different types and kinds have not only made the town environment friendly, but also created a serene and ever-enjoyable peaceful atmosphere generating synergistic pleasure on the campus. The pollution-free climate, attracting many to make the town their permanent home, adds value to the academic life on the campus.

Vallabh Vidyanagar has all the amenities which major metropolis have; rather it has best of both the worlds - glamour of a big city and simplicity of a small town. On one hand, it captures the current trends of the youth, while it attempts to make those trends meaningful by making the presence of different spiritual centers felt.

The town is the synthesis of varied cultures, which enable it to evolve and expand the quality life, as well as to foster the environment of creativity amongst the student citizens. Those who stay here always cherish the golden moments of life on the campus. Today, the town has compounded in strength and consolidated itself to take on the challenges of emerging future.

Future Plans

The first fifty years of CVM coincided more or less with the second half of the twentieth century. Judged by any yardstick, these first fifty years of CVM have been immensely successful. The vision, dedication and commitment of the founders of CVM and its subsequent leaders can be seen clearly today in the results of their tireless efforts. Vallabh Vidyanagar is today an impressive and thriving educational campus in the heart of Charutar, which is itself heartland of Gujarat.

The challenges which our society will face over the next fifty years, which will coincide more or less with the first half of the twenty first century, will in many significant ways be different from those that faced the founders. Our society will make a transition to a knowledge-based economy, urbanization will continue, and the preservation of our environment will be a crucial and critical objective. Water and energy will become relatively scarce, and therefore efficient management of both will be essential. Information Technology will continue to leapfrog and spread, and will become increasingly interleaved with our daily lives.

Naturally CVM must also make future plans which enable it to generate successful responses to some of the challenges which the society is going to face. The primary focus of CVM has always been on education - and producing well-trained youngsters is certainly a major part of any society's response to the future challenges it is likely to face.